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Old Abelam or Sepik River, New Guinea, cassowary bone lime spatula


Kina shell necklace Sepik Papua New Guinea


Old Papua New Guinea Sepik Bamboo Lime Container, Incised 12.5"


hornbill bird paddle top from the Lower Sepik


a highly interesting and unusual round pig tooth from the Lower Sepik


very unusual, old Murik Sepik canoe prow depicting an ancestor


PNG Sepik River Tribal Mask Vintage


Talipoon currency, Yangoru people, Prince-Alexander-Mountains, Sepik, New Guinea


Old RARE! Polynesian Warriors Necklace; Marquesas? (New Guinea,Sepik,Asmat,Fiji)


Old Polynesian Tonga? Large Fishhook (New Guinea,Sepik,Fiji,korwar)


Vintage New Guinea (Sepik) Carved-Painted Mask-Shells-Feathers-Clay- - Heavy


very old Kwoma "Aumar" ritual terracotta vessel, Washkuk hills, upper Sepik


RARE collection 10 Papuan Carved Tribal Daggers PNG Inc Asmat & Sepik River PNG


2 ancient shell currencies: cone shell earring and Yua ring, Abelam, Sepik, PNG


a rare Abelam ring currency, "kueruek", Sepik, New Guinea


RARE Papuan Kus Trophy Skull mask with Embroidered Detail Middle Sepik PNG


Extra large Hand Carved Papuan Crocodile Cult Carving Papua New Guinea Sepik


Kamana terracotta sago bowl, Savos, Sepik, published!


Large Vintage Papua New Guinea Ceremonial MASK Sepik River Region Iatmul People


Papua New Guinea Wood Carved Stool Upper Sepik River


SPIRIT FIGURE tribal carved wood statue Lower-Sepik River PAPUA NEW GUINEA 16"


Old PNG Asmat Drum - PAPAU NEW GUINEA - Sepik River - Early 20th Century


Small Sepik Stool - Papua New Guinea


Papu New Guinea Mask Ancestor Spirit Wood Sepik River Mask


Sepik Stool - Papua New Guinea


Sepik River New Guinea Spirit Carving


Wood Ancestor Spirit Mask Sepik Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea Wood Stool Upper Sepik Ceremonial Mens House Stool


Papua New Guinea Mask Black Wood Lower Sepik River Ancestor Mask


Papua New Guinea Mask Murik Lakes Lower Sepik River Spirit Mask


Papua New Guinea Middle Sepik Cult Hook Water Spirit Figure


antique Papua New Guinea Sepik Spirit Figure statue Totem wood carved Polynesian


Antique Papua New Guinea Sepik Boiken Tribal people carved wooden bowl


Tribal SingSing Child Trophy Boar Tusks Pectoral Ornament Papua New Guinea Sepik


Papua New Guinea Sepik River Kaminabit Latmul Fiber Cassowary Feather Sunglasses


Oceanic Papua New Guinea Sepik River Pigment Bowl With Bird Design


Papua New Guinea Bird Statue with breasts Lower Sepik River


antique Papua New Guinea Sepik Spirit Figure statue Totem pole wood carved Tribe


Papua New Guinea East Sepik Boiken Two Face Ceremonial Spirit Mask


Papua New Guinea Mwai Spirit Mask Sepik River Ancestor Cowrie Shell Carved 20"


Papua New Guinea Mask Lower Sepik Provence Red Ceremonial Male Mask


Mask Papua New Guinea Spirit Mask East Sepik Provence Mask